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Streets and working children


Streets and working children

Economic pressure of the poverty- striken compel parents to force their children to take up laborious and often hazardous jobs for long hours with low pay.Behala Mother Welfare Society (BMWS) provides opportunities of basic elementary education, medical treatment and nutrition, gainful vocational training. The main objective of this program is promoting education,providing shelter,health facility,advancement in sports ,vocational training, training in child's rights etc. At the inaugural ceremony a sit and draw competition for the children was held and they were awarded prizes,gift packets etc.
Workshop on
Rights of homeless  and working children
Date: 14.08.2008
Venue: Bakhrahat,Bibirhat.
Categories of working children-
1. Domestic workers- 20%
2. Rag pickers- 30%
3. Factory workers- 15%
4.Hawkers- 10%
5. News paper / Milk vendors- 15%
6. Other occupations- 10%