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Training Programme


Women & Youths of the area are most neglected. Their present social and economic status does not allow them to fight for their legal entitlements.  Our concern with the continued high mortality and morbidity of women, lack ofdemonstrable programmes in implementation resolutions and programme for the improvement of women, socio-economically. For the empowerment of women CBS has designed a vocational training , for down trodden women. At least 50 women are getting meaningfulo benefit from this programme . Rural women have able to equip themselves and now stand on their own feet through earning money.
Following are some of the programmes which BEHALA MOTHER WELFARE SOCIETY has been taking to make the local women and youth understand and take steps for developing their own entrepreneurship programme by taking vocational training from our training centre for self dependency. The programme is mainly of two phases i.e 7 to 15 days each depending upon the length of the programme needs.
1. Candle Making Training 
2. Soft Toys Making
3. Computer Training
4. Card Making
5. Knitting Training
6. Tailoring