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1.To create awarness about women empowerment, rights of women &   children working in streets and totally deprived of shelter.
2.Explore means for self-employment and provide the necessary training and support to women and children destitute of any other help from any outside agencies.
3.Establishing study centres and provide better education for children.

4.Organise workshops and seminars to highlight these social issues relating to women and children.
5.To cater to the social security needs of senior citizens giving them a sense of purpose and tapping their fund of experience and harnessing their glatent potential based on their maturity and long years of experience.
6.Bring a radical change in public attitudes and sensitize them about more involvement in social action and divergent problems of health,medical care, nutrition and education of women and children.

7. Skill Development Program with Govt. & Corporate for BPL candidates for various trades.

8. Livelihood & placement program with Corporate for BPL candidates.

9. Skill Development program with Govt. & Corporate for disable candidates for various trades.

10. Livelihood & placement program with Corporate for disable candidates.

11. Eye Camp & Health Camp program with professionals.

12. Computer, Spoken English & Personal Skill development program with professionals.

13. Project proposal development with professionals.

14. FCRA project proposal with professionals.

15. Livelihood & placement program with professionals on contract for Govt. hospitals for Lab Technician, Accounts & Front Office.

16. Capacity building workshop on Agriculture, Education, Health etc. at NGO’s place with professionals as per community requirement.

17.. Corporate database, communication & presentation with professionals.

18. World wide web presence with professionals.

19. Capacity building programs of rural people & under privileged community through panchayat & professionals.

20. Training of Trainers by professionals for self employment.

21. Awareness & Survey project on various topics.