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Behala Mother Welfare Society ,a Development Support Organization, registered under Indian Society Act works in areas of  Education,Training, Health and Empowerment of women.
Some of our special programs are:-
Shikshatari :  Focus to support and promote education  among the underprivileged children through  nonformal and remedial and Bridge Education.
Gayanprasari : We arrange  and organize lectures, debates, discussions, seminars and excursions for inculcating knowledge.
Manoshiksha: Education is important in all stages of life and there is no age for learning. So we are including  adult education program as an important part of our activity.
Maryada:  We take initiatives to help the girl child and underprivileged women to overcome any social stigma and enhance the skills and knowledge to make them realize their value and earn respect .
Shilpachayan:  Our objective also includes studying, cultivating and demonstrating the cultural areas like music, dancing and acting ,etc.
Arogya :  Free eye, teeth, heart and kidney checkups and regular health care camps are organised to cater to the needs of poor and general health awareness programmes for benefit of the community as a whole.
Swabalamban: This program generates earning ability for underprivileged youth and deprived women by providing them necessary skills for employment. This comprises  training of Computer Software,Hardware, Mobile repairing, soft toys, tailoring, jewellery  , jute , devoloping marketing skills of English.