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The Behala Mother Welfare Society makes a fervent appeal for raising funds to finance its activities for a free school and orphanage for nearly 200 students in West Bengal.

We also need Land or Building or shade for self development, vocational programme for women, children and for oldage home and outdoor free hospital. Please donate food,clothing, medicines for the street and slum children .

You can help –

1.Rs.45,800- yearly education, meals and medicine of an orphan.

2.Rs.23,800- half yearly meals and medicine, shelter of an old home less.

3.Rs.10,850- quarterly meals and medicine of orphan/old home less person.

4.Rs.5,000- covers emergency treatment of a patient in ordinary hospital.

5.Rs.3,650- covers the school expenses of a child per year/ monthly meals and medicine of an orphan/old homeless person.

6.Rs.3,000- monthly honorary payment for teaching faculty of vocational self development training for poor women and youth.

7.Volunteer at a programme location .