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BEHALA MOTHER WELFARE SOCIETY believes that the Pre Primary Education is the foundation for any human development. Children who receive adequate care, and creative opportunities for growth and development during early childhood are more likely to benefit later from education and other social services, but unfortunately majority of our rural belt children are deprived of this benefit.

Children are our and our Nation’s future. If they are healthy and productive they can contribute immensely in the growth of a nation. A child’s mind is fresh to intake new thoughts, ideas, creativeness, personality, etc. This thinking is totally absent in the rural and slum areas where we find children often engaging themselves in hard work either in field or in small factories or in the tertiary sector.But this should not have happened if like minded persons had intervened and could rescue these children from this suffering and bring them back to the field of education.

The main objective of this prestigious programme is to improve the quality and accessibility of Pre Primary School Programmes in Kolkata ,District, West Bengal by improving access to early learning and developmental facilities, young children who will be better prepared for their primary school education.

BMWS is Group which is teaching to poor people and children who are not able to study due to the money problem.We also organise events, function, and many more for the children so that can also get enjoyment and they can also be able to see the different things which they can’t afford by themselves to see . By making event’s and different things we can get the profit so that we are able to help that children by giving the food and buy many different things for them .