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Health Programme

Health Programme

This programme is basically a charitable one,which fully gives priority to basic health practices of the neglected and deprived rural poor people, who can’t even afford to buy a proper medicine and entirely depends upon the quack/ witch doctors for their ailment cure.

The aim of this programme is to reach to the inhabitants of remote village with quality medicine and diagnostic facilities right at their door steps including creating awareness among the people on better health care services by availing local primary health centres, rural hospitals, etc.
We are also trying to develop a comprehensive health information management system with information from the grass root level to the project management level.

Linkage has already been started to make with local authority (Panchayat), Sub-Centres, Public Health Centres, Rural Hospitals, Sub-Divisional Hospitals as well as District Hospitals in order to facilitate the programme activities.

We view to see a healthy society. Health is indeed a wealth and person can fight his/her fate if he/she is healthy enough to do so. We want to see whether every child is been immunised, every child is getting proper health care, and every older person is able to avail existing health facilities.
We are also giving emphasise on referral system of patients, where if we find critical patient we always refer these patients to nearest Govt. health facilities, so as the rural poor people will give some importance to our Govt. health system and avail their service.