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Our People

Our People

Behala Mother Welfare Society Team comprises of people from diversed profession who are interested to work for the betterment of the society and have similar ideology as us. The people from the diversed walk of the society includes social workers, MBAs, chartered accountants, corporate professionals, consultants and PR professionals.

Behala Mothe Welfare Society is managed by a Board of Advisors which comprises of individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise.

Members of the Board of Advisors are as follow:

1. Mr. Gabriel Richard [M.Com. , M.Ed. ,FASM , FIPMA ( Jersey , Britain )]

2. Mr. Daniel

3. Mr. Dilip Ghosh

4. Mr. K.Adambari

5. Mr. Javed Khan

6. Prof. A.K.Maity

7. Mr.A.K.Panda

8. Dr.Santanu Roy

Mr. Gabriel Richerd an Associate Member of FASM , is an Alumni of Indian Institute of Management . Besides also holding a degree in FIPMA ,he also a social worker.

Mr. Daniel a Educationist by profession with specialization in economics of India.

Mr. Dilip Ghosh is a Masters in Business Calcutta University. He advices to the top corporate houses in India on various strategic issues.

Mr. K.Adambari, is an fellow member Corporate Laws, Legal Matters.