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Shikshatari is a national level programme from Behala Mother Welfare Society which focuses on basic education for underprivileged children and youth, school dropouts and Adult Education.

Behala Mother Welfare Society believes that Education is an important determinant of socio economic parameters like healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights.

Education helps to lead a better life because it inputs skill in an individual to earn his/her livelihood. Education also improves the social structure as it increases one’s awareness on issues like healthcare, understanding one’s rights, dignified behaviour, respecting self and others, concern for others, abiding by laws and regulations – are some to mention. Thus evolving an individual to a better citizen.

Behala Mother Welfare Society’s educational initiatives include Pre-school [3-6 yrs], Non Formal Education [6-14 yrs non-school going], Remedial Education [6-14 yrs school going], Bridge Course [14-18 yrs drop-outs], Functional Literacy [18-45 yrs women].

Behala Mother Welfare Society works for education of under-privileged children under difficult circumstances such as child labour, children of poorest of the parents, school drop outs, street and runaway children and slum children, etc..
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