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Skill Development Centre

Skill Development Centre

Skill Development Centre for Underdeveloped, Needy and Underprivileged Youth and Adults of West Bengal.


The objective of the Project is to enhance employment and income-earning opportunities of unemployed poor youth and adults of West Bengal by increasing the availability of demand-driven skills training on

The skill development system has a large role to play in economic growth and social development as a provider of trained human resources to the labor market and skills to those looking for employment.

The current formal system lacks linkage with and, therefore, relevance to the labor market. The capacity of the system to meet the needs of the labor market is small. Employers are looking for more workers who can meet their semiskilled and skilled requirements. The output of the system and the needs of the employment sectors are mismatched, competencies acquired do not meet industry or self-employment requirements, and lack practical experience opportunities. The formal system provides limited opportunities to the primary target beneficiaries .

The Project will pilot a partnership structure and processes to bring public authorities, training providers, employers, and NGOs together. The approach is market-responsive rather than supply-driven..

The Project will focus on the development and rollout of short, modular training programs based on competency standards set by industry and shall get the skill development centre and training programs certified from the government to increase their recognition by employers. The courses will diversify the system’s clientele, opening up opportunities for community , including the poor, women, and disadvantaged groups.